Bachelor Bunny LLC is a gourmet meal delivery and catering service marketed towards professional men. Of the multitude of chefs, catering companies, restaurants, and neighborhood food joints flooding the Chicagoland area, not one of them (Or none that I've seen) cater to and focus solely on the bachelors. Unless you are an uninvolved guy who loves to cook, still lives at home, or enjoys the monotony of your neighborhood delivery options, majority of your time throughout the day is spent figuring out what and when you are going to eat. Bachelor Bunny is the solution to an issue that you probably didn't even realize you had. Our goal is to provide you with the convenience and luxury of a delicious home cooked meal delivered to your doorstep.
Not only are your dinner meals organized and scheduled to your approval, they are also delivered, unpacked, plated and served to you with a cocktail, from one or two of our beautiful customer service reps. 
In joining what we call 'The Bachelor’s Club', you become a part of an elite group of gentlemen. These men are those who afford themselves this luxury experience, while freeing up time in their day to focus on other important matters. It becomes our mission to provide you with impeccable service and convenience. We will learn your favorite foods, cocktails, desserts, and snacks to appeal to your appetite. And to continually provide you with unmatched customer service, our number one priority is to gain your trust and loyalty. Together, we can build a lasting relationship one bite at a time!