Who’s cookin’?
How men feel about a woman’s skills (or lack thereof) in the kitchen.

For a single guy, the search for a significant other comes down to a few factors – looks, sense of humor, smarts and, um, talents… to name a few.

But how about the ability to whip up a delicious meal? For men who scoff at the idea of putting on a pair of oven mitts, meeting a woman who can make a mean chicken marsala dish might give her an edge. For others, a lack of cooking prowess isn’t a problem. They’d rather cook themselves or order takeout from that Chinese joint around the corner.

Interviews by Steve Heald

We surveyed men about the topic – enjoy the responses.

“Definitely a plus [for the woman to cook], and it’s not a sexist thing because I like to cook.”
– Rob H.

“Unless cereal companies go out of business, I don't see how men would mind that.”
– Chip C.

“I expect dinner on the table when I get home, no excuses.”
– Matt P.

“As long as they can do the dishes, clean the laundry, clean the house, take out the trash, get a job, protect the house, feed the dog, take out the dog, water the plants, pay the bills (with their money), install the new oven and curl their hair, I guess cooking isn't that big of a deal.”
– Bill H.

“As long as the guy cooks, it's no issue. However, if both can't, they can take cooking classes together which could be fun. Someone has to learn though.”
– Matt B.

“She certainly does not have to cook every day or every meal but knowing how to cook for both spouses is really helpful.”
– Greg S.

Well, men – looks like most of you appreciate when a woman is able to put together a nice meal, but it won’t always make or break a relationship. And for those who don’t care if a woman is clueless in the kitchen – you’re hopeful she’ll be able to make up for it in another ways – you know, like watering the plants and such.

Which boat are you in? Can you date a woman who doesn’t know how to set the oven to 450 degrees? Or can you put a lack of kitchen skills on the backburner?